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The future of the personal computing is on the mobile devices. Tablets, smartphones or internet of things devices are windows into our virtual world. In order to compete in today's market every business needs a strong connection with their users.

By covering mobile, responsive, and API development Perisic Designs is a valuable partner in any applications development process.

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Mobile Apps

We offer native an hybrid mobile applications development. By leveraging the Titanium and PhoneGap/Cordova frameworks we can deliver your mobile application to iOS and Android platforms.

Responsive Web Apps

Make sure that your web site or web application is available to users wherever they are. Our expertise in responsive and mobile optimized development guarantees your content will be delivered at its best across all screen sizes.

API Development

If your project needs a full-stack solution we provide RESTful interface development on a JavaScript/Node and JavaScript/Python stack. Our services cover noSql, Postgress and SQLite database design.


By leveraging the Agile methodolgies we can ensure timely delivery of artifacts, cost effective and innovative solutions for your mobile applications projects. Project transparency and visibility allow you to clearly follow the progress of your deliverables from intake to shipping. Quality and speed of development provides a steady burn down rate. The ability to iterate quickly ensures continuous innovation.

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